Baby Belle Designs

Baby Belle Designs previously Kurumu Designs, a FFXIV modder, possibly expanding to other platforms. Has a obsession healthy love for cheese.I do not take commission but feel free to leave me suggestions and if you do wish to pay me I accept a small ko-fi donation or cheese posted in my channel.If you have any questions feel free to DM me, you will never be a bother. I love helping people.


Guides created by me for use by anyone.

Terms of Use

  • You are free to Upscale/Downscale/port my mods please only include the 3D file and Link back to the original post. (You do not need to ask me unless stated).

  • Do not port to Bibo+ (This is not because I hate or shame the body, I do not like how it was distributed)

  • You may port my content to other items, please credit and link back.

  • Please do not re-upload my content anywhere without my permission.

  • Under any circumstances you may not port my NSFW content to Lalafell.

  • You may not use my content for paid/private commissions or behind a paywall.

  • You may not use my assets for paid/private commission's or behind a paywall.

  • You are free to edit my ports for personal use but edits to anything I have made completely myself must be public.

  • You may NOT port any of my Lalafell content to Redefined Vanilla Lalafell body by Minou or whatever Halcyon comes back out with. Only ffxiv Vanilla . I will be using Otopop.

  • DO NOT Recreate ANY of my designs. I will File a DCMA, you may not like me as a creator but I will not tolerate recreation and claiming as your own.

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